CBD THC Industrial Isolate Spray Dryer

Our isolate dryers are designed for high yield, pharmaceutical grade production of CBD, CBG, and THC Isolate Powders.

Spray Dryer Processing

The spray drying process is a continuous operation in which almost any pump-able liquid can be converted into a free flowing powder. Correct atomization and air distribution are the keys to the spray drying process, as both greatly influence the final powder structure and quality. Often, spray dryers are equipped with high-speed centrifugal atomizers ensuring sturdy and reliable operation. High-Pressure nozzle atomization is used especially for products where a rather coarse powder with narrow particle distribution and high bulk density is required. In the nozzle atomizer, fines are returned around one or more central nozzles in order to facilitate optimum agglomeration.

Two-Fluid nozzle agglomeration is typically applied in small chambers allowing maximum flexibility in particle design and particle engineering for both super-fine and agglomerated particles.

System Features

  • Produce THC, CBD, CBG Powder Isolate from Distillate
  • Traditional open-cycle systems in single stage or multi-stage modes
  • Closed circuit systems applying super-heated steam
  • Heat recovery systems for minimizing energy consumption.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • ISO 9001 & GMP Compliant

What’s Included with Each System

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