Cryo-Ethanol Extraction Solutions

Our ethanol extractors and processing systems are design for high yield, pharmaceutical grade production of full spectrum oils.

Full Spectrum Cryo-Ethanol Extractor

CRYO Ethanol Extractors allow for unparralled scalability, safety, and quality of product. Our systems are ISO 9001 and GMP certifiable and have long been used by pharma- ceuitical giants such as Johnson & Johnson, and DuPont.

System Features

  • Produces Full Spectrum Oil
  • Extraction Efficiency 98.9%
  • Closed Loop System
  • Ethanol Recovery Efficiency 89%
  • Automated Control System
  • No C1D1 Room Required
  • ISO 9001 & GMP Compliant
  • Easy Cleaning and Sterilization

What’s Included with Each System

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