Frequently Asked Questions

What if my county/state/country require additional certifications that your equipment doesn’t currently have?

We will work with the local county/state/country(s) approved certification organization, but any and all additional fees/cost will be charged to the client.

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Can you ship to a different port?

Yes, although any additional fees will be charged to the client.

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After my initial deposit how long is your typical lead time for the equipment to be delivered in the US?

90 days total with 60 days for construction and 30 days for shipping to Port of Los Angeles.

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Is training included?

Yes, each unit includes training through HazTek for up to 4 employees.

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What certifications are provided with the equipment?

ISO 9001, ISO 16785

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Is your equipment warrantied?

Yes, our equipment includes a 1 year parts and labor guarantee

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What other costs can I expect to occur while installing the equipment?

Installation costs for ethanol extractor(s) may include but are not limited to:

  • HVAC – Installation of copper lines between condenser and chiller unit
  • Electrical – Installation of electrical sub panels and electrical lines to multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Plumbing – Water lines into steam generator and plumbing of 4” steam line into Extractor
  • Steam Generator and Condenser mounting/installation
  • Concrete sealing and Room preparation
  • Engineering/DRCM Consulting Cost
  • Labor
  • Forklift

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Can Biopharm have custom equipment designed for my particular use/need?

Yes, we can work with our manufactures engineering team to customize and adapt the equipment to fit your exact needs and requirements.  Depending on the level of customization, additional fees may be passed to the client. Certain customization/changes may result in loss of ISO and/or other certifications.  The client would be responsible for any fees or cost related to re-certification.

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Does Biopharm do on site inspections prior to purchase of equipment?

Yes, we contract that through Saxon Engineering and DRCM./  They charge an hourly rate plus travel expenses.

Saxon/DRCM will visit your site prior to purchase to ensure our equipment fits inside your building and that the appropriate infrastructure is available.

Due to the time and cost it takes to travel to different client locations, we cannot offer on site inspections for free, prior to purchase.

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I already hired an engineering firm and consulting services. Can I buy just your machine without hiring Saxon Engineering and DRCM?

Yes, we do offer the ability to buy the machine by itself.  We simply require at the time of purchase, that you sign that you are aware you are purchasing just the equipment.

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Does your equipment include installation?

Our equipment includes final assembly and verification that it operates and conforms to said parameters.

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What makes Biopharm Solutions different than its competitors?

Our team at BioPharm has identified and acquired key strategic partners in this field to bring together a final solution for our clients.  

Our systems include: 

  • Pharmaceutical grade equipment backed by over 40 years of experience in this field, along with ISO certifications.   
  • Industry leading ethanol chillers provided by PermaCool
  • Training provided by HazTech Systems Inc.
  • Engineering services provided by Saxon Engineering
  • On-Site Operation Management through DRCM Consulting

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Do you guarantee potency, quality and quantity of the extracts from your equipment?

We guarantee and warranty our equipment for 1 year, including parts and labor.  We also guarantee to provide you with training to run your equipment along with Hazardous material training. We cannot guarantee potency, quality and/or quantity due to the variables in each operators SOP’s and input material, we cannot guarantee quality/quantity. The input source material play a big role in the final quality/quantity of distillate/isolate.

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Who is Biopharm?

Biopharm – Biopharmaceutical Solutions specializes in the distribution and sales of ISO Certified pharmaceutical grade equipment for the processing of botanical material for the production of medicine, essential oils and refinement of medicinal compounds.

Our team consist of highly experienced chemist, master extractors, growers, and accredited certification body members.

Call us today to learn how we can help you!

(833) 243-8246

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